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20" Super Slim M-Lok .308 Free Float Handguard DPMS Pattern

20" Super Slim M-Lok .308 Free Float Handguard DPMS Pattern

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20" Super Slim M-Lok .308 Free Float Handguard DPMS Pattern


LR-308 Pattern Only

19.25" Exact length fits 20" barrels perfectly, and will accommodate a flash forwarder or suppressor no less than 2.25" in length.  

1.5" inside diameter

1.625 outside diameter

14 oz

MLok Slim Handguard

Steel Barrel Nut Requires No Alignment

Low Profile DPMS Pattern Only

Instructions for mounting hand guard

1. Remove the screws from the bottom rear of the tube.

2. There is a nut left behind on each side that will need to come out. If you put the screw in each side and use a punch or the Allen wrench, you can push each side out. Note that the inside has a beveled edge that will fit into a slot on the barrel nut.  

3. Remove the barrel nut. It is a fairly tight fit.

4. Screw barrel nut on with barrel to the upper receiver. The torque specs are 30 to 80 lbs, and it can be anywhere in that range. With this handguard you do not need to line up for a gas tube or mounting screw.

5. Mount your gas tube and gas block

6. Slide the hand guard back over the gas block and tube and onto the barrel nut. The top of the gas block will fit fairly tight into the channel in the top but as long as you have the block and tube straight there is enough clearance. Check your alignment with the flat top on your receiver. 

7. Replace both sides of the nuts, keeping the beveled edge lined up to go into the groove on the nut. 8. Insert the screw back in and tighten just snug tight. Continue to check the alignment of the top with the flat top on your upper receiver as you go.

9. After getting all the screws snug tight, tighten them down, alternating back and forth as you would when tightening lug nuts on your vehicle. There is no torque spec on the small screws, just reasonably tight. If you over-tighten it, the head of the screw can snap off. 

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