From military use to civilian use, there are many advantages that come with using a .308 Win. This caliber is an excellent hunting round for medium to large-sized game, although some may say it’s a bit underpowered for hunting elk or brown bears. The .308 Winchester has decent bullet weight and velocity and is available in every rifle action type; bolt, lever, semi-auto, pump, and single-shot. The .308 Winchester has done a remarkable job making its mark on history. So whether you're a fan of the .308 or think it's overhyped, let us know in the comment section. 


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William Provence

Date 5/20/2022

So what is the optimal barrel length in 308?


Date 6/2/2022

I've had the same question, and from all the research I could find (I don't have a whole lot of applied experience) I've been told that it largely depends on what you plan on using your rifle for if it's chambered in .308. Most hunters and metro law enforcement supposedly use an 18 to 20-inch barrel to have a good blend of portability and accuracy. But there are guys out there getting into the long-range precision game who like to have a 24inch barrel. There are also huge debates on when a barrel is or isn't too long or too short in terms of affecting the accuracy and speed of the bullet. But basically from what I could find, the most common barrels vary from 16-20ish. Depending on what people wanna use it for. Then they get a bit longer for that long-range precision stuff. And this reply is pretty long. Maybe DTT will post more videos or blogs or something talking about this...... *cough cough hahaha

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