As I cruise through ammo sections at all the local gun stores lately, I can’t help but think: “man, if only I owned something chambered in 50 BMG...” I go make the rounds fairly regularly, not really expecting to find anything in stock, but it’s always worth checking, you know?  Well I never find anything that I actually need...but I swear, everywhere I go has some 50 BMG. I mean, it makes sense. Not a lot of people out there shooting Barrett 50s, but man, it definitely makes me wish I could buy that ammo and actually do something with it!  

There are a couple other obscure Rifle calibers that I see pretty regularly. Just stuff that isn’t very popular to shoot.  It definitely begs the question, will this ammo shortage go on for long enough that it will be worth building or buying guns based solely on what weird calibers we’re seeing available these days? 

Joke of the Day: "What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert?

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