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Gauntlet Arms 7" Mlok Handguard W/Anti-Rotation Tabs Black Anodized

Part Number: ML-7-49632
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Gauntlet Arms 7" M-LOK Handguard W/Anti-Rotation Tabs Black Anodized

Introducing the Gauntlet Arms 7" M-LOK Handguard with Anti-Rotation Tabs, a compact and versatile accessory designed to enhance the performance and customization options of your AR-15 platform. With Gauntlet Arms' commitment to excellence, this handguard combines exceptional quality, innovative features, and a sleek design to provide an exceptional shooting experience.

With a length of 7 inches, this handguard offers a compact and lightweight solution for mounting accessories on your AR-15. It is perfect for applications where a shorter handguard is desired, such as compact and lightweight AR-15 builds, or when minimal weight and size are prioritized.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality materials, this Gauntlet Arms handguard ensures exceptional durability and reliability. It is built to withstand the rigors of demanding shooting sessions and harsh environmental conditions, providing consistent performance when it matters most.

The handguard features the innovative M-LOK mounting system, which allows for easy attachment and adjustment of various accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, and bipods. The M-LOK system provides a secure and stable platform, ensuring that your accessories stay firmly in place even under heavy recoil.

The Gauntlet Arms 7" M-LOK Handguard also features anti-rotation tabs, which provide added stability and prevent unwanted movement of the handguard during intense shooting sessions. This ensures that your accessories remain properly aligned and securely attached, allowing for consistent and reliable performance.

Designed specifically for the AR-15 platform, the Gauntlet Arms 7" M-LOK Handguard ensures optimal alignment and stability, contributing to enhanced accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency. It seamlessly integrates with your AR-15, providing a solid foundation for your accessories and improving overall shooting performance.

Upgrade your AR-15 with the Gauntlet Arms 7" M-LOK Handguard with Anti-Rotation Tabs and experience the perfect combination of style, performance, and reliability. Gauntlet Arms' commitment to excellence shines through every aspect of this handguard, making it an essential addition to your AR-15 platform.

About this Handguard: This M-LOK handguard is 7-inches long. It is made from high-strength material with a durable black anodized finish. Users have ample space to mount all of their accessories and can rest assured knowing they are getting a reliable, high-quality handguard.

Mounting System: The M-LOK handguard utilizes the M-Lok mounting system for easy and solid mounting of different accessories & grips on multiple different positions of the handguard.

Material of Handguard: The M-LOK handguard is precision CNC machined from a high-quality 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion. This ensures that the handguard will be both extremely light and very strong.

Barrel Nut: The Handguard comes with a high-quality steel barrel nut and mounting hardware

Includes: Mounting System, Handguard, Barrel Nut.

Brand: Gauntlet Arms
Model: 7" M-LOK Handguard W/Anti-Rotation Tabs Black Anodized
Length: 7
Platform: AR-15
Style: Freefloat
Attachment System: M-Lok
Profile: Premium
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Anti Rotation Tabs: Yes
Barrel Nut Included: Yes
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