I wanted to talk to you guys about the adjustable .750 gas block that we have on sale for you today. What is an adjustable gas block? Well, if you have one of these installed on your AR upper, you can get your gas system as fine tuned as you need to in order to support different ammo types, different weight internals or even suppressor use. 

The United Defense Labs .750 Adjustable Gas Block is designed to fit under most manufacturer’s free float handguards. Adjustments are made via a 5/64 set-screw and a 5/64 retaining screw ensures the system remains locked, no need for Loctite. Of course, please be careful when working on your AR and make sure that you follow all of the safety guidelines. Stay safe out there!

Odd Fact of the Day: '11% of all power outages in the United States are caused by squirrels.'

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