To pistol or not pistol? That is the question.  I recently decided it was time to take my relationship with AR-15s to the next level, and build an AR pistol.  Navigating the distinctions between a pistol and a short barrel rifle can be a little bit confusing but, with a little bit of research, I built an awesome AR-15 in a nice, compact package.

Why go with a pistol? I think there are a few cool reasons to go with the pistol build.  Reason one, keeping an AR shorter and smaller makes it lighter and more mobile.  So if you’re looking to do a faster paced style of shooting, the pistol build could be the way to go.

Reason two, full sized rifles can be cumbersome sometimes, and a smaller AR build is just easy to transport.  If you’re looking for a good gun to keep in your trunk, or somewhere discrete around the house, the pistol build might be the way to go.

Reason three, look, AR pistols are just really good time. They look cool, they’re a little different, and it makes them a lot of fun to shoot.

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