A friend and I were watching one of our favourite movies about a secret government agency that goes around erasing people's memories if they see aliens. We started chatting about what what we would do if the world was taken over either by zombies or aliens and we speculated how long we would last. We did not do good. 

While we were chatting, we were cleaning our AR's and we went on a tangent about how many uppers we would need and how many mags we would need for each scenario of the world being taken over and it was quite a few which is okay because we know that we can go to Delta Team Tactical and get quality uppers at an astounding value. Not to mention that we can get magazines from their sale and save even more by using the coupon code magazine5off at checkout for an extra 5% off! So make sure to check it out will all of the other deals below before they all disappear!

Quote of the Day: "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." -Theodore Roosevelt

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