Ammo has been tough to find for a while now, that’s no secret. And of course, when we can find it, it’s always so expensive. Well, for the first time since ammo started to really go scarce, I finally went and stood in line outside a sporting goods store before they opened. It was interesting being there in line. You can almost feel the tension of everybody knowing that you’re all there for the same few boxes of bullets, and you just hope that everyone is going to be respectful and cool once you get in there.  Fortunately on this occasion, everyone was great.  I actually watched the guy take the last couple boxes of 9mm.  He grabbed them because that’s what he was there for, but he also seemed hesitant, like he didn’t want to be the guy who took the last box.  

I had avoided the “wait in line” method for as long as possible.  Not because I have enough ammo that I don’t need to buy, but just because I didn’t want to do that whole thing.  I’ve seen plenty of people doing it. There’s a local gun store just right around the corner from where I live. Probably 8 out of 10 times that I drive by there’s a line out the door.  I always feel some form of respect for the people that are just trying to get their ammo, and they do their due diligence to find it and buy it when they can.  I have started to try to look at the silver lining in it all.  If nothing else, I hope that the situation gives gun owners the opportunity to interact and empathize with one another, and the whole 2A community can come together a little bit as everyone faces the same challenges together.

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