Happy April Fools! After talking to a couple of coworkers, I have found that some people absolutely love this day and others absolutely hate it. A coworker, Abigail, was telling me about how one April Fools day her mom made a fancy typed letter with a fancy looking seal on the front saying that children now were ordered by the President of America to do whatever their parents told them and she actually created a list. Safe to say, 6 year old Abigail was not to happy about this prank.

Something that is not a prank is how Delta Team Tactical saves you guys money on AR platforms in many different calibers from 5.56/.223 to 9MM to even 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 WIN. There are also many different accessories such as slings, drop-in triggers, and so much more that we offer on our website at an amazing price. Check out the deals below and have a happy and safe April Fools day!

We made a PSA about the changes in our Customer Service! If you missed it, click HERE to catch up on all the news!

Quote of the Day: "I have great faith in fools, -Self-confidence my friends will call it." -Edgar Allen Poe