My friend Jenna went to a concert last night and was talking our ears off about it this morning. One of the things she mentioned was that she got punched in the side by a stranger and that it really hurt. We started talking about all the ways that people get hurt at concerts and we started drawing similarities from protective gear to wear to concerts and protective gear to wear shooting.

For instance, when you are at a concert, it is really loud. That is kinda the point. However, if you don't feel like going deaf, you can wear ear plugs much like how you are supposed to wear ear plugs when you are shooting to protect your ears. When you are shooting, you are also supposed to wear eye protection in case something comes flying at you such as dirt or even a shell the is ejecting. At a concert, you almost never know what is gonna happen throughout the night, so you should wear eye protection of some kind just in case someone decides to use you as target practice for their throwing skills. Although you may not be protected from losing shoes, getting bruised, losing your voice or anything else that Jenna has done at concerts within the last year, you should always wear protection whether you are shooting or listening to your favorite band shred the guitar. 

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