Happy beginning of the spooky season! This is by far my favourite time of the year because of all things spooky. My coworkers and I were talking about our favourite halloween memory and one of my coworkers was telling us about the time he worked in the Haunted Forest and made a grown man pee his pants and scream. 

When he worked in the Forest, there was a part where the group of people were herded into a section where they met someone who was at a campfire. The man tells people a joke, then throws a flame at their feet. They all scoot back and my coworker was one of the people who would rev a chainsaw from behind. He said it was by far one of his favourite moments in Halloween history. So, welcome to the spooky season! Stay safe! (Do not try any part of this story at home. It was done in a controlled environment and no one was hurt.)

Halloween Fact of the Day: "Trick-or-treating (also known as guising) has existed since medieval times"


Ronald Silva

Date 10/19/2020

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