Part 2- 

I had found everything I needed and more at the first store. At this next store, a huge electronic palace, it was my little brother’s mission to acquire the biggest flatscreen he could. His budget wasn’t large, but luckily the deals were enough to compensate. Somehow this store didn’t feel like a box of contention about to explode with fist fights. We easily made it out of this one alive. 

My brother and I arrived at home at around 2:00am. We were anxious to play with our new toys, but I was too tired and ready to slip into a small coma. I woke up and quickly saw an unboxed flatscreen plugged into a xbox on the ground. Among the pile of boxes and styrofoam I came across a drone. It looked just like mine, big and white with a huge controller. I woke my brother up with a punch on Black Friday. He didn’t care that I was angry with him, he just wanted to fly it! 

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