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Brigand Arms Woven Carbon Fiber 9" BLADE Handguard AR15 .223 5.56

Brigand Arms Woven Carbon Fiber 9" BLADE Handguard AR15 .223 5.56

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2.5" Picatinny Rail Segment for Woven Carbon Fiber Handguard

  • Lengths: 7",  9",  12.375"  &  15"
  • Total Installed Weight (Handguard + Barrel Nut + Jam Nut) ? see weight graphic
  • Length is measured to the LONGEST edge of the tube (the bottom)
  • Angle offset is 60 degrees from the axis of the tube (i.e. closer to an EDGE than not)
  • The top side is 1.15" shorter than the longer side.
  • Tube: Patented carbon fiber braid
  • Caps: Aluminum
  • Barrel Nut (included): Standard Free Float w/ Jam Nut 


 ID = 1.75"      OD = 2.00"

Lengths: Measured from tip of end cap to end of jam nut (i.e. fully installed length).

Barrel Nut (AR-15):

We make our own barrel nut and jamb nut from 7075 Aluminum and Chromally steel . The threads are the AR-15 standard 1.250-18. It weighs a total of 1.4 oz (far lighter than any other free float barrel nut + jam nut you will find). All weights listed INCLUDE the barrel nut weight (note that many of our lightweight competitors do not include the barrel nut weight in their weight calculations!)

Heat Rejection

Not only does the Brigand handguard withstand the heat of sustained firing, it also rejects barrel heat faster than most handguards. Heat leaves a rifle barrel through convection (air-flow past the barrel) and radiation (infrared ?glow?). Does this exposure mean your hand will get hot? The open-architecture guard will warm up to operating temperature faster: However, under sustained fire the barrel will be cooler and the handguard will cool faster after firing than with any enclosed guard. This improves barrel life and decreases heat signature duration. 

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