We re-wrote the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Similar to what we did last year with our 12 Days of DTT (we re-wrote 12 days of Christmas).  If you aren’t familiar with that check out our video HERE.  But that was last year, and this is this year, and we couldn’t re-run the same promotion we did, so we knocked off another form of traditional Christmas Content which you can check out HERE.  But like last year we are doing giveaways every day in association with the poem.  

Here are the rules/guidelines for the giveaways.  This promotion will run for 8 days.  We will be running the giveaways on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  ALL winners will be announced after the promotion is over, so nobody will be notified until after the last promotion runs.  We will put out a verse of the poem every day and announce what the giveaway is via our email newsletter.  If you are not subscribed to our email newsletter please do so HERE.  That verse will be also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages as a post.  The giveaways will be the same on Facebook and Instagram.  If we giveaway an upper on Facebook the same upper we will giveaway on Instagram (so two uppers we will giveaway).  The rules will be simple, like the post and tag two friends for all 8 days.  

YES, you can tag more. YES, you can win multiple days. YES, tagging more people increases your chances of winning.  NO, we will not change the prize if you live in a state that doesn’t allow that type of product (like high cap magazines), but we will send you a gift card.  YES, you can enter to win on both platforms.  We will use random number generators to pick winners unless you do something awesome like helping promote this via your social media and tagging us in those posts, last year the guy who won the upper posted a video on YouTube dressed as Santa talking about our giveaway.  How could we deny him a prize with that type of love?  We couldn’t, and therefore we didn’t.  

Here are the types of products we giving away exact products will be announced every morning the promotion runs.

1.  Something related to AR-15
2.  Something related to Creedmoor
3.  Something related to Magazines
4.  Something related to Safety Selectors
5.  Something related to Triggers
6.  Something related to Stocks
7.  Something related to Lasers
8.  Something related to Glock