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Plate carriers are specifically designed vests that work as multi-function, wearable outer shells.  The best kind of plate carriers are those that can be customized as the wearer sees fit and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Body armor plate carriers are designed to hold various sizes of ballistic plates and panels. 10”x12” size plates tend to be the most popular but some companies branch out to make other sizes as well. Like backpacks, plate carriers usually have some form of padding to help increase the wearer’s comfort.

Plate carriers are called so because they only hold the ballistic plates and panels. This allows you, the wearer, to choose between ceramic plates, soft ballistic panels, or polyethylene plates. Each will have its own advantages and disadvantages based on weight and stopping abilities.


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Mike White

Date 12/24/2021

If you can get a secure phone connection let me know and I will have an order to place

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