A friend and I were talking the other day about conspiracy theories and one of our favorite ones to talk about is none other than Mr. Bigfoot himself. First he was just a good news story that the publisher was not really taking seriously when he got a letter from some loggers in Northern California about some really big footprints way back in 1958. Now it is one of the biggest theories of conspiracy known to man today.

While we here at Delta Team Tactical don't have Mr. Bigfoot himself, we do have a spectacular bipod that takes after him. Listed below among our sales on other accessories and upper build kits, we have the United Defense "Bigfoot" adjustable bipod. It was designed with
 arm lock lugs that are made larger to withstand the heavy recoil of a 50 BMG. The legs can even be extended into 5 different height options! Its wider center hub delivers more stability and strength to support larger heavy rifles. Check it out below with all of the other sale options that we have chosen for you guys!

Quote of the Day: "Live for each second without hesitation." -Elton John

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