We would like to take a moment and provide you our customers with a PSA about our customer service.  We know there have been issues with receiving responses and even more with phone calls being answered.  We have been aware of this problem for awhile.  While this is a dynamic and diverse issue, the starting point for this issue was in the customer service software we were using. I am not here to trash another company’s services, but we did outgrow that platform. The amount of traffic we had on that software literally overwhelmed it to where it would not work and would not pick up calls even when agents were available, and emails were getting lost. This issue with our customer service software has been a problem, but it is a good problem to have because you, the customer, has chosen to do business with us. This is the type of problem we would prefer to solve. We apologize for any inconvenience to any of you that had a poor experience with this.  We thank you for the opportunity to solve this problem, we know others are not as fortunate.  

I am not making excuses, but we are in the final stages of completing our transition to a new, more robust customer service platform. We know this is not the ideal time to do this, but this has been in the works for several months and we made the decision to push through and get onto the new platform. We ask for your patience during this week as it will take us a minute to completely transition and get the new software organized, but this will be a tremendous benefit in the long run and will enable us to respond much faster and provide a higher level of customer experience. Thank you for your loyalty and your business we greatly appreciate it, and we look forward to being able to better serve you our customers in the future. 

We will be reposting our favorite photos that you post  for #dttdistancing and to a lucky few we will be awarded gift cards. Use the hashtag #dttdistancing and tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram. For those who don’t do social media (which is a way to be social and not catch Covid-19 FYI) you can upload photos to this FORM.  We are just rolling with this and making it up as we go along.  But we look forward to seeing your photos, and please exercise firearm safety when doing this, we cannot stress this enough.?


Shannon fancher

Date 3/24/2020

Trying to check on my order

Robert Jenkins

Date 3/24/2020

Have been trying to talk to some one got a AR-10 bolt problem it almost blow up , Would really like to talk to some one.

Robert Jenkins

Date 4/2/2020 10:28:56 PM

Now have a problem with three bolts.. can some one give me a call 850-572-6611 I can't be the only one... 850-572-6611

Francis Houck III

Date 3/25/2020

So well this outage affect the warranty claim im trying to make on defective equipment i purchased?

Nick Sprague

Date 3/25/2020

You guys always have extremely great service when ever I had an issue. Spent many of dollars at ur store. Thank you!! Also thank you for upgrading and continuing to become better for others!!

Eric Booth

Date 3/25/2020

Thank you for everyone's hard work at DTT. I appreciate the updates on the website regarding shipping timelines. I also appreciate the information you provided regarding reaching customer service. I have always been very happy with every aspect of service from you guys. It is completely understandable during the current situation that getting through has been difficult. Thanks again for the update. Stay safe!

Andrew Betts

Date 3/25/2020

Everytime I have needed something there has been great service and timeliness.

Mark Gates

Date 3/26/2020

Looking forward to some quality parts, end even better customer service. Thanks y’all!

Curtis Davis

Date 3/26/2020

I’m still waiting on my return authorization for a defective sight. Been a month now.

Paul Page

Date 3/27/2020

Placed a order on the 6th of March Order #DT400834 emailed you 3 times with no response, been trying to call you for a week and your not accepting calls. Did you get my order? (You billed my credit card) Are you going to ship my order? Are you going to acknowledge that I'm trying to contact you? I guess my next step if I don't hear from you is to contact my credit card company and the better business bureau.

James Satterfield

Date 3/27/2020

I placed an order in Feb. for two lower kits, one upper kit, an Anderson Whoops kit, and assorted tools. After everything was received I started assembly and discovered there were no buffer springs. I went through the web page and left a message stating this. I continued assembly and then found the fire selector detents in the kits did not fit into the Aero lowers. Fortunately I ordered the Whoops kit and it contained a detent that did fit. After three more attempts to contact someone through the web, I still have not been contacted about my issues, I did receive 1 automated reply that assigned a ticket # 417556. But no resolution. I have now ordered buffer springs and another Whoops kit from one of your competitors. I still need to order another upper assembly, and am willing to give DTT the benefit of the doubt if I can get reasonable discount to absorb the unplanned expenses.

John Boyce

Date 3/28/2020

i ordered an upper kit Feb. 20 and recived it in 3 days. i was excited to build it and take it to the range. but I found that I recived a barrel nut that did not go with the hand guard. i submitted a service ticket # 412806. then on march 5, I recived a replay asking for all of the information that i sent in the service ticket on feb 23. I sent all of the info again and I have not heard anything and it is now march 28 and i would really like to finish this build. please contact me if I need to need to send the details or photos again. thank you.

Rochelle Loo

Date 3/29/2020

Order DT-443340 I was wondering if part of my order was backorder? Jus wanted an update on my order.

Sean Stroshine

Date 3/29/2020

Do you have any idea when you will be responding to problems that have occurred in receiving the wrong merchandise?

Randall Brooks

Date 3/29/2020

Guys I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I am a first time customer with DTT and would like to keep doing business but no response on any of your CS platforms makes people nervous. Esp when talking about the amount of money people invest in firearms. If business is truly booming (And I can imagine it is in the times we live in now) then maybe some personnel to man a temp phone (even from a remote location) may be in order at least till the new customer Service platform is up and running. Just a thought. I did get confirmation on my order. And I can work around the problems I had with my order if everything comes in like it should. (I know shipping times may be delayed and that’s not what I mean). Hope you guys get sorted out.

Shaw Paske

Date 3/29/2020

Received my order (DT-400724) in a pretty reasonable timeframe, and was super excited to get milling and building. However when I opened my package and began going through parts, I quickly realized that I was missing an entire lower kit (CO-21127). I immediately tried calling with no answer and sent a message via your website. That was 3/23, and as of yet, have heard absolutely nothing. That same afternoon I spoke to a coworker I recommended DTT to who said his order was delivered, but he received the wrong parts. I’m left here pretty upset not getting my parts, on top of making me look stupid for recommending a company that messes up a pretty simple order. I fully understand mistakes happen and would consider another chance, but it would need to come with a pretty steep discount for me to do that right now. I don’t order Chinese crap because I don’t want to get screwed, yet now I’m feeling like I’m getting screwed out of my hard earned money by an American company.

Peter Medina

Date 3/30/2020

Just wanting to know if you will ship a lower glock 19 frame to Washington state.

Jeffrey Greene

Date 3/30/2020

Still sorely lacking, losing me as a customer

Doug Stahl

Date 3/30/2020

I must say that I’m very disappointed that despite many attempts to adjust an order before it shipped, my requests have fallen on deaf ears. Three tickets later the shipment has been made without adjusting. I understand you’re probably dealing with a glut of business but you will destroy your future business if you can’t address the issues in a timely manner.


Date 3/31/2020

Been trying to contact you about changing my order (#410009). Have sent multiple emails but no response and I can’t get a hold of anyone via phone. I need to get this handled soon before I call my credit card to dispute the charges. Thank you!

George Conde

Date 3/31/2020

I paid for the assembly of my lower and it arrived unassembled @ Please credit my credit card! Order #DD78462


Date 4/1/2020

Still waiting a response for a order that I rrcieved missing parts

Kody Gilbert

Date 4/2/2020

I emailed in about changing the Upper i ordered to a Hamerkop 18" 6.5 Grendel upper but i habe not heard anything. My order number is DT-415262 i do not want the 7.62 upper any longer. Please let me know if you can get it swapped as all the other parts are already coming and ill just be waiting on the Upper.

Greg Brummett

Date 4/2/2020

I received my order FEB 18 item CO-21118 the finish your RIFLE KIT and got a PISTOL buffer tube,buffer spring and buffer,and that SUCKS! I sent an email that day and have been waiting well over a month and a half for a response from DTT and have got no,none,0 response!A LITTLE COMMUNICATION would go a long way!Looking FORWARD to your RESPONSE so I can get this SNAFU corrected!Thanks I HOPE, Greg

Jasen Burkett

Date 10/5/2020

Can I get the free butt stock offer since I spent over 200 and my order is now past 1 month from even shipping? No one will respond to emails, and the ones that have responded simply tell me to refer to the shipping page. That does not tell me anything different than when I complained about nothing being posted when i purchased my item.. ( the reason why I purchased was price and no delay warning.... after purchase delay warning ) I can not cancel the order and would rather not your products seem to be well built... I just rather have some better communication other than 'refer to shipping page'. I keep asking. if the parts to my order are in but you all dont have the staff to put it together... thats fine, simply keep the 20 bucks I paid extra for that and ship me all the parts and I will put it together. I can do that if thats what it takes to get my order. If thats not the issue and you do not have the items to even fulfill the order, please cancel the order in full and I will have to go elsewhere.

Jacob McKenzie

Date 10/19/2020

I am missing parts in my order and I've been trying to get ahold of yal ok for a week now. I've spent money on y'all's website as ND ok would appreciate a reapnse to an email or call back. I've left call back numbers and email and no response. And for the amount of money I've spent here it's disrespectful to a loyal customer.

Ronald Davenport

Date 11/6/2020

Checking on status of my order New Order # DT- 518415

Joshua Cogdell

Date 1/4/2021

Clicked for shipping insurance but wasn’t charged from what can tell

Jon Josephson

Date 1/12/2021

I made an order a month ago, my credit card was charged and order was paid immediately, I look on my order status and it says "new" still. I've tried for weeks to get a response to what is going on with my order and I get nothing, no one answers the phone, no one replies to emails, nothing! I've sat on hold trying to get ahold of customer service many times, actually on hold with them right now and it's been 15 minutes. I'm done with you guys and now will request my payment returned. If there's no response to my request I will file a case with the better business bureau

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