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Davidson Defense AR-18 AR-180 Enhanced Titanium Firing Pin ( Fixes All Firing Pin Issues)

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AR-18/AR-180 Titanium Firing Pin
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Davidson Defense AR-18/AR-180 Enhanced Titanium Firing Pin

( Fixes All Firing Pin Issues) 

This thing is designed to fix most issues dealing with the firing pin 

Like Punctured primers & Light Strikes 

Slam Fires you name it if your Ar 180 or Ar18 hates certain ammo then

 this will fix most issues dealing with firing pins.

A Delta Team Tactical Exclusive!

Originally made by Armalite, and produced by Howa and Sterling, the AR-18 was a further development after the M-16 was designed by Eugene Stoner. While not a huge commercial success, the design has a devoted group of followers to this day. The original firing pins have long been gone, and except for a very few made recently, have been unavailable.

This firing pin was developed after consultation with engineers at Armalite. They had developed an improved version of the firing pin but never went into production of it. We obtained CAD drawings of this new design and have had a very small run made in grade 6 titanium. The original design was known to pierce primers, especially with soft, commercial primers. The new design has taken care of that problem once and for all! And being made of titanium, it will last many times longer than one made of steel.

This firing pin has the extension on the rear that was on the full auto AR-18. It will, however, work with the semi-automatic AR-180 just fine.

Pick up a couple NOW while you have a chance, as they may never again be made!

Will NOT work in an AR-15, M-16 or other models 

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