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Davidson Defense Enhanced Ultra Life Finish 5.56 .223 300 blk Ar-15 Complete Bolt Head

Part Number: 4398-2
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Davidson Defense 223 5.56 300 blackout  Ar-15 M16 M4 Complete Bolt Head.
This has to be one of the finest bolt heads available super clean machining, Ultra Smooth Ultra Life Patented Nitride Type Finish.
Made from one of the finest certified steels available used for bolt production 9310 tool steel ordnance grade.
The longest wearing bolt on the market with its super deep penetrated finish this bolt will only show slight ware even after 20,000 rounds of service.
Rated for almost infinite round number ( It is wise to change your bolt head every 20,000 rounds from unseen possible metal fatigue no matter of wear).   
This one of the best bolt heads on the planet A very fine upgrade for any AR Platform rifle.
Machined from 9310 tool steel Heat treated to military specifications Shot Peened Ground to meet military required tolerances MPI (Mag Particle Inspected) HPT Tested also Gas Key Black Nitrided

It is wise to have a spare bolt head for your Ar-15 type rifle where it is better safe than sorry out of every part you can have a spare of the bolt head is the most important one to have gas rings should be replaced every 4000 rounds. Extractors and ejectors should be replaced every 5000 rounds and bolt heads every 20,000 rounds.  A spare bolt head can save your life. Keep you having fun at the range. Keep you in the competition. Stay on the hunt.

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