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Davidson Defense Ultimate AR-15 Flat Wire Recoil Buffer Spring

Davidson Defense Ultimate AR-15 Flat Wire Recoil Buffer Spring

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Davidson Defense Ultimate AR-15 Flat Wire Recoil Buffer Spring 

Ultra High Performance Davidson Defense Stainless Steel Flat Wire Buffer Spring for AR-15 Rifles & Carbines. This Davidson Defense enhanced SS AR-15 Flatwire Buffer Spring fits both carbine and standard length stocks.
Made From Davidson Defenses Secret Steel Formulation Of Stainless Steel, Chromium & Valindum  to make the very best in Flat Wire Springs.
Made For Davidson Defense By One Of Americas Largest & Most Trusted Spring MFG.

Why should you use Davidson Defense enhanced SS Flatwire Buffer Springs? 

 The performance Many conventional buffer springs are constructed from music wire or non post winding processed stainless steel. Their performance becomes suspect in as little as 1000 rounds and can cause rifle performance to plummet to the point that rifle function change significantly. We answered many questions from people complaining about "noticeable decrease in function" when their rifles get past that round count , and we've found installation of a Davidson Defense SS Flatwire Buffer Spring solves nearly all of them.


This is the last Buffer Spring you'll ever need for your AR-15! Davidson Defense Springs are duty rated for 550,000 recoil cycles at maximum performance.
Enhanced rifle performance - Due to the ultra high quality of the materials used, Davidson Defense Stainless Steel Flat Wire Buffer Springs have the same power as conventionally constructed "extra power" springs, yet provide that extra energy using a lighter spring weight. Correct timing and resistance on the recoil stroke and a controlled rebound ensures reliable feeding with consistent forward thrust. The result is that the rifle functions flawlessly and stays on target better. Also a must for fully automatic rifle, competition, extreme hunting, or high round usage.
The Davidson Defense  Spring, the bolt dwell timing, the bolt will remain locked a little longer, allowing pressures more time to dissipate. This means getting those heavy bullets out the end of the barrel a lot better than with conventional Springs.
Flat Wire Springs Unaffected by extreme temperatures, but the common Music wire & carbon steel spring are adversely affected by temperatures as low as only 200° F. Davidson Defense SS Springs perform flawlessly in excess of 800° F. Performance and function will not change during rapid fire conditions. Due to their complex hardening process that makes it impervious to un-tempering or annealing of the steel that would weaken its composition.
Davidson Defense Flatwire Buffer Springs are made to Stringent 9001 Quality Control Standards. Certified materials use, and our exclusive post-winding processing guarantees true, consistent performance. 

Davidson Defense is proud to make this quality part in America by Americans and for the American sportsman that wants his rifle out perform outlast any other market in the spring.


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