In this video we'll show you how to mold the Decibullz earplugs to your ears. It's quick and easy!

In minutes with just hot water and a friend or a mirror, you'll have your own custom molded earplugs. Once shaped, these earplugs are extremely comfortable, low profile, and provide superior noise isolation. This advanced protection is perfect for musicians, concert goers, working with power tools, swimming, a day at the range, or any other loud activities you might do. Included are Two Decibullz Thermoplastic Custom Molds, Three Sets of Triple Flange Tips Small, Medium, Large, One Set of Max Protect MEDIUM Foam Tips, Earplug Carrying Pouch. Let’s get into the simple process of molding your Decibullz:

All the extras you’ll need is boiling water in a container, a spoon (or a mid length gas tube and block), timer, and a mirror, if you do it yourself.

Attach back plug and correct size silicone tip to custom mold. DON'T USE FOAM TIPS FOR MOLDING

Place your earplugs in the hot water for 5 minutes

Take it out

Give the earplugs 30 seconds to cool.

Insert the mold into your ear and firmly press the back plug making sure the silicone tip fits snugly into the ear canal.

With the pad of your finger, press the mold to fill the concha (bowl) of your ear.

While in an ear, let the mold cool for 5 minutes.

Repeat for the other earplug.

Make sure to test your Decibullz in progressively louder environments. It’s good to start out with a clap. Sounds should be hollow or muffled. If they aren’t sealed well or are uncomfortable, you will need to re-mold, place the mold back in hot water for 5 minutes, and repeat steps.

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