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Delta Deals LR-308 .308 WIN BCG + Ambidextrous LR-308 "Holy" Charging Handle

Part Number: CO-23910
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Delta Deals LR-308 .308 WIN BCG + Ambidextrous LR-308
Delta Deals LR-308 .308 WIN BCG + Ambidextrous LR-308 'Holy' Charging Handle
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Delta Deals LR-308 .308 WIN BCG 
+ Ambidextrous LR-308 "Holy" Charging Handle

DPMS Genuine LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group  *Fits Most 308 AR Platform Guns*

This Genuine factory replacement DPMS LR-308 bolt carrier assembly is a  100% complete assembly includes bolt carrier, gas key, bolt assembly, cam pin, firing pin and firing pin retaining pin.
This complete AR-style .308 bolt and carrier assembly is a drop-in ready direct replacement of either worn components in existing DPMS LR-308 rifles.
This Bolt Carrier Group fits almost all of the 308 AR rifles produced today with the exception of the Armalite & Rock River that it wont fit it will fit about everything else.
Also for new custom build of the many thousand MFG that chose the dpms standard that dominates the .308 AR rifle platform this Bolt comes fully assembled  When building a LR-308 Ar build use the standard in the indsery for the heart of your gun and be assured that your rifle will function to the best ability that the LR-308 rifle platform has to offer.
The LR-308  design is a powerhouse that commands respect in the firearm community.
Dpms spent millions of dollars in research and development in making of this rifle platform so trust the leader in LR-308 technology trust DPMS.
(Attention: this BCG does engage the Forward Assist even though it does not have the serrations)
LR-308 bolt carrier does not include forward assist serrations, instead, the forward assist engages a shoulder on the carrier still forcing the bolt forward when needed where the 308 carrier when closing will stop around the shoulder area giving the assist still enough area to force the bolt forward for positive engagement.
Any more need for additional engagement is not recommended where the bolt may not have enough clearance to fully close if not to the shoulder point of forward assist engagement.

United Defense LR-308 "Holy" 
Ambidextrous Charging Handle - Black

This LR-308 charging handle assembly for LR-308 style rifles Aluminum construction black finish for use with either hand.
Fits all LR-308 platform guns by DMPS, Mega, Aero precision, CMMG, and most other companies.    

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Nitride
Style: Ambidextrous 
Patent Pending No. 296886692

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Delta Deals LR-308 .308 WIN BCG + Ambidextrous LR-308 "Holy" Charging Handle

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