We have decided to push our category sales to today for you guys! What are they? Let me tell you! 

We have our Decibullz Ear Protection sale for starters! Ear protection is one of the most important things that you need while shooting. So why not get a pair that will form to your ears for that seamless fit that won't leave your ears sore or ringing! Check them out below! 

The second sale that we have currently going on is our Furniture Sale! No, not the kind that you sit on or the kind that you put on walls, but the kind that you can customize your AR with. Choose from all of the combinations that we have put together and make your AR how you choose! 

Both of these sales are going on now, however they won't last forever! Grab them while you can, and stay safe out there! 

Joke of the Day: "How do mountains stay warm? They put on their snowcaps!"

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