During the holidays there are many special types of foods and drinks. One of my all time favorite holiday drinks has always been eggnog. Eggnog is made with egg whites and egg yolk, milk, cream, and sugar. Due to the egg content, the beverage comes out very sweet which proves to be too much for many people resulting in them refusing to drink eggnog. I agree it is not for everyone but that is what makes it so special.

We all have our own special likes and dislikes making each and every one of us unique in some way. When it comes to guns Unique AR’s understands this. They know that not everyone's the same and that some people will like what others do not. It is for this reason that Unique AR’s makes it a priority to create unique handguards to allow each and every gun owner the opportunity to personalize his or her gun to their own liking.

Don’t waste any more time and go find your own holiday eggnog in one of Unique AR’s variety of handguards.

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