My husband and his dad have had a rivalry for longer than I have known either of them. What is this rivalry? Well, they wrap each other's gifts for any occasion in a crazy way. As an example, this Father's Day, my husband is having his welder friend encompass my father-in-law's gift in metal. Welded completely shut with no way to open it except for with a tool and we are supposed to pray that he doesn't hurt his gift while he does this. 

If your father is as competitive as the men in my life, good luck. However, they can normally be deterred if they have an amazing gift, and what gift is better than a brand new AR right as summer is coming back? That is why we have selected the following deals for you guys! Stay safe, and have a happy father's day!

Quote of the Day: "When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent." -Dad Joke for Fathers Day

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