Every year, my family has a shooting day on the eve of Father's Day and every year the AR platform is one of the favorites to shoot. When we take new people shooting, that is one of the very first rifles that we have them try out before they get to the bigger stuff for a few simple reasons. 

One of the reasons is that the AR-15 platform is lightweight, which means that they can get used to the feeling of having to hold up something other than their cellphones for an extended period of time. Another reason is that it has low recoil. As someone who shot a shotgun for the first weapon ever, this is personally the best reason ever. It gives them time to learn without making a huge bruise on their shoulder. The final reason is that the AR is accurate. Meaning that even if it is their first time, they still can hit the target which is a huge ego boost and helps them want to keep shooting. 

If you want to add another AR build to your collection or if you want to get one for the first time, check out our upper build kits below!

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