Today is the day that our beloved first president, Mr. George Washington, was elected into office. All the way back in 1789, a choice was made that changed the course of history as we know it. 

While getting your next or even first upper may not seem quite as monumental, everytime I think about how I got to have so many I remember that it all started with the choice to get a shotgun first. It started an addiction that changed the course of my family's history. So, while you may not be choosing the first President of the United States, check out the deals we here at Delta have chosen for you below and make the choice of which caliber you would like for your next AR.

This is the first product we picked up at SHOT Show 2020 to come in and we are pretty geeked out on it.  Introducing the Lighting Tap “SPSR” (Short Pull Short Reset) Glock Trigger by Alpha One.  So to celebrate we have it at a special introductory price and we decided to throw a special sale on the whole category.  So use the code: glockparts5 to save an additional 5% on all the parts in this category.  

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