Another day at the office. It's winter now so I'm rockin' the doggy hoodie today. Just a few weeks ago the hoodie seemed a little too big for me but I quickly grew into it. I'm a good boy, at least I get told that a lot, so I fall in line when in comes to the state wide mandatory mask mandate . My face mask perfectly covers my French Bulldog face which makes breathing a little bit hard for me. Breathing is already a bit difficult for us French bulldogs but we get by.

As soon as the front door of the office opens up I burst in and sprint to every corner of the room to show everyone that I OWN THIS SPACE! As I'm running around I make sure I get a good look at who is around. It's the usual suspects. I grab my furry octupuss toy and bolt to the nearest human. "You gonna try to get this from me? Huh? What about now? What if I fake left and go right?" I get a friendly greeting then it's back typing or whatever these humans do all day. I don't understand why they didn't try to grab my toy. I try to show them that I already removed it's eyes so it's not a threat anymore. Well actually I removed the eyes because behind all this cuteness I'm actually a bit of a psychopath. 

Anyway, I'll keep pushing to get some attention from my office mates and in the meantime be sure to stop to show some love next time a dog walks by!