Back in the day one of my favorite shows was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air featuring Will Smith. In one episode Will decides to sow his artistic and entrepreneurial oats and create a book titled “Celebrity Houses at Night.” Well, the publisher wasn’t super interested in his book but was interested in a photo of Jay Leno pouring out coffee that was sold to a tabloid which spun the story as Jay Leno pouring oil down the sewer and being a massive polluter of the environment. Will saved the day by sneaking on to The Tonight Show to clear Jay’s good name and set the matter straight.  

Why do I share this moment of 90’s sitcom history? Well, it was the first thought I had after I heard we were starting a night shipping shift and like a song that I can’t get out of my head (Bombshell by Operation Ivy is the actual song stuck in my head this moment), I also cannot get this episode from playing on repeat in my brain when I think about night shipping. But the important thing is Thursday-Friday morning was our first official night shift of 2020. So what this means we will be busting out orders much much faster, so our shipping times right now are NOT reflecting the night shift and we will let those working vampire hours get caught up before we allow those shipping times to reflect the extra orders going out.

We keep getting asked if we are open, Yes we are, yes we are taking precautions, we closed our retail store to spend more time focusing on shipping out your web orders. Yes at the moment we have been flooded with orders and we are getting to them as fast as we can, and that is why we added the night shift and that is why Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was mentioned in this post. Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.?

We made a PSA about the changes in our Customer Service! If you missed it, click HERE to catch up on all the news!