If there is one thing about Christmas time that gets made fun of, it is fruitcake. That small hard "cake" that seems to be indestructible. In almost every show that I have watched, fruitcake is the constant butt of the joke in a Christmas episode. 

The history of the fruitcake is more fascinating than the actual cake itself. Dating all the way back to the Roman times, fruitcake is believed to be a way of preserving fruits since they are dried then pressed into a form with nuts and honey. Picking up popularity in Victorian England times, the fruitcake was often a dish only brought for special occasions. When the tradition was brought over, it because a symbol for the holiday season because the season holds a special place in all of our hearts and thus, so does fruitcake. 

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Joe Tennant

Date 12/27/2019

LOL Fruitcake ! Well if ya pack it full of some Sonic Boom it makes for great family day of shooting LOL Also just wanted to say Thank You and Happy New Year ! "Laughter is America's most important export." -Walt Disneyd

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