Another fun fact for you guys! Did you know that Greenland sharks can live for up to 5 centuries? They take care of themselves by swimming slow and only growing about a centimeter a year! Similar to the sharks, if you take care of your upper, it can last for a very long time as well. We here at Delta love to give you guys quality builds that are easy to take care of. Who knows, maybe you can have an AR that can last for 500 years as it gets passed from family member to family member.

We will be reposting our favorite photos that you post  for #dttdistancing and to a lucky few we will be awarded gift cards. Use the hashtag #dttdistancing and tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram. For those who don’t do social media (which is a way to be social and not catch Covid-19 FYI) you can upload photos to this FORM.  We are just rolling with this and making it up as we go along.  But we look forward to seeing your photos, and please exercise firearm safety when doing this, we cannot stress this enough.?

Quote of the day: "The best way out is always through." -Robert Frost