When did we decide we needed all these half baked holidays? Some of these featured days are just obnoxious, like National Donut Day or National Bacon Day... wait, those are bad examples.  However, some holidays are just ridiculous.  I was informed that yesterday was National Garfield Day. Not the President Garfield, (that would make too much sense) but the cartoon cat Garfield.  Maybe there are some big Garfield fans reading this that will be super angry with me, but he is just a cartoon. Garfield has no ability to feel therefore he has no ability to know about a day honoring him.  

How do you celebrate National Garfield Day anyways?  Eat lasagna and terrorize dogs?  This day makes no sense to me at all.  But in a universe that is completely fluid and nonsensical, one thing that does remain constant is that Delta Team Tactical will always have some amazing deals.

What other special days do you find ridiculous?  Comment below.

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