Around the offices here at DTT we are all pretty geeked out on Faxon barrels in general.  If you are not familiar with Faxon, they make some insane products at very reasonable prices. What is challenging is to communicate the value of Faxon via the interweb. When you are holding a Faxon barrel you immediately begin to notice the attention to detail, the quality of finish, and a few innovative design changes that we have come to know as their signature.  

Well, we just picked up Faxon’s Integral barrel line.  These barrels have the muzzle machined as part of the barrel. This is super interesting because the actual rifled barrel portion is 14.5” in length but, because the muzzle is actually part of the barrel, and can’t be removed (unless you have an angle grinder).

If you are wanting to swap out your gas block that is not a problem either, as the gas block slides right over the muzzle without issue.  The bottom line is this isn’t just a good alternative to a barrel you would pin and weld, this is just a flat-out awesome barrel. So check out our selection of custom builds using the Faxon Integral Barrel. 


Patrick Martin

Date 3/11/2020

Will you be stocking Faxon 6.5 Creedmoor Barrels with threaded muzzle?

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