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Calm of the Storm

We have entered the place in time that has often been called the calm before the storm. That moment when everything seems to be at peace before something happens to send you into chaos. 

While you are running around making last minute plans or grabbing those last bits of groceries, we here at Delta Team Tactical wanted to give you a break and offer you some amazing deals to keep you distracted as children run around all hyped up on pie. So, make sure you check out the early Black Friday sales that we have for you guys as well as the other category and product sales that we have.

I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to our HOLIDAY SALE category on the website.  Right now we have already slashed prices on products in that category and more will be added every day.  So keep an eye both on the newsletters and on that category for more great deals to come.  

Quote of the day: "We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of telling the world who we are." -Mr. Rogers
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DTT Delta Turkey Tips Part 3

For this installment of DTT (Delta’s Turkey Tips) I will be addressing the elephant in the room when cooking turkey; to inject or not to inject. If you missed yesterday's installment, click HERE to view it. If you are not familiar with this injecting meat, for a long cooking time, it is a common but highly debated practice. Essentially, you take a syringe and inject meat with liquid that contains additional flavors. Now full disclosure, I am not completely sold on injecting. I have done it before and I didn’t feel like it made the meat noticeably better. In some cases I am absolutely opposed to it. I personally feel injecting is used to compensate for someone’s lack of ability to cook meat correctly.  

I have a neighbor who injects beef stock into his brisket because he said his brisket was too dry and tough and injecting helped make it juicy and more flavorful. If there was ever a time that I exercised great restraint, it was at this moment when he confessed his meat cooking sin to me. Brisket doesn’t need this if done correctly, it is the ultimate smoking meat, and when done correctly it only needs salt and pepper. He then told me how he cooks his brisket, and he was cooking it way too high of temp, and not cooking it nearly long enough, so he compensated by injecting beef stock into the brisket. This is like putting on cologne to cover up the smoke smell when you told your wife you have stopped smoking.  

However, when you are dealing with white meat like pork and poultry, they are a bit more bland compared to beef, so adding additional flavors to them is not wrong. So, the easiest way to do this is don’t throw out your brine when you pull your bird out to cook and instead use it to fill up a syringe and inject your turkey with your brine solution. Now you can work up another solution and inject that into your bird as well. I was just being convenient, but the whole point is to add additional flavor to the turkey, so add whatever you like. This year I am cooking two turkeys as we have a large group, so one turkey I will inject and one i won’t and I will let you know my results from my A/B test on injecting.

Our promotion for the FREE DTT CLP is still in effect, all you have to do is put FREEDTTCLP in at checkout and we will send you a free bottle! You don't even have to have it in your cart, we will add it automatically if your order is $25 and over!

Quote of the Day: "A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities." -J.R.R Tolkien
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There was a huge procrastinator in my High School who would always wait until the absolute last minute to turn in work. He would wait until the teacher had no more extensions to give him, then turned in every piece that was late all at once. Well, today is the very last day for our new website coupon codes. No more extensions, this is the final cut off date so be like that kid and make the most of it while you can and grab some items that maybe you were just watching while this sale lasts. 

While you guys are getting familiar with our new site, we have some coupons for you to use on your total order! If your order is up to $300, then we have newsite5 for 5% off your total order! If a lot of things catch your eye and you order over $300, then we have newsite7 for 7% off your total order! Either way, you win! Make sure to make the most of it as today is the final and last day for you to make use of these coupons.

Quote of the Day: "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased." -Katharine Hepburn
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October is Here

It is officially the first day of the spooky season! This is by far my favorite season because the weather is nice and cool, bugs go back to where they belong, you can eat lots of candy for no reason, spooky movie marathons and so much more. The only thing that could be not liked is that it means that there is snow coming (unless you live in places where you don't normally get snow, congrats to you).

This is also a great season because it is the month of Halloween! The only acceptable night that you can go knock on people's doors and demand candy without getting into trouble. I find it fun to go to a popular trick-or-treating area and just watch people in their many different costumes walk around. It is fun to see how creative people can be. So, grab your hot chocolate and enjoy because the spooky season is just getting started!

Quote of the day: "Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary. It gets scary when it disappears." -Unknown
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Scope Super Sale

We have some amazing deals on scopes right now.  One of our suppliers called us with an amazing "take all" deal on some awesome scopes.  We have a variety of powers available from indoor range to the next zip code and everything in between.  

We acquired these right before we found out we had to move out of our warehouse.  So we decided (since the marketing department is allergic to manual labor) to do a crazy blowout sale on them.  There is nothing wrong with these, they come from a very reputable factory, the supplier decided they would rather have them on our shelves rather than their shelves is all.  

So if you have an optic on your wish list at these prices you can't afford to not pick one up.  

Quote of the day: “Heroes may not be braver than everyone else. They’re just brave five minutes longer.”-Ronald Reagan

***Disclaimer: Super Scope Sale now over
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Living On The Edge With DTT

What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Served in the military? Skydiving? Some may say having children is the bravest thing you've ever done while others may say buying a gun and not telling your wife is the bravest.

A great mentor once told me that the line between dangerous and stupid is a very fine line. What you consider living on the edge style fun, others may look at as you being reckless. Well, I say live on the wild side and buy yourself an upper from Delta Team Tactical. After all, what is more thrilling than putting a brand new upper together and putting that first round through it at the range?

Feel free to check out our moving sale by clicking on the link.

Quote of the day: “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”-General Norman Schwarzkopf
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Nickel Boron As A Shooting Status Symbol?

To a shooter, nickel boron is the equivalent of gold to rap artists.  It is the metal of choice and the status symbol of bling. Like gold, nickel boron has some other advantages other than just looking cool in your gun. Nickel boron is far more restraint to wear and tear than other finishes. So, whether it is a BCG or a barrel extension, the friction caused by parts moving across one another will wear much better on nickel boron products.  

For you, hockey players (or figure skaters, no judgment from here #toepick) having nickel boron products in your gun is the equivalent of hitting the ice right after the Zamboni has just resurfaced the ice.  We all know ice is smoother than other surfaces but, after the Z does its job, it is smooth as silk. So this brings us to our ELD Performance Alpha Series Barrels. These are barrels that we have been having made for us that have nickel boron barrel extensions. We just got in a 6.5 Creedmoor who is joining the ELD Alpha Series, and Gallardo has one of these barrels (shameless product plug).

We will continue our discussion of nickel boron advantages in a future post.

Quote of the day: “Incoming fire has the right of way.”-Unknown
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That Guy Pt. 2

Continuing on our conversation of not being “that guy” from yesterday's post, I have witnessed where a large group of people turn into “that guy.” Working in e-commerce and using the internet to promote and ask questions about our company browse a fair amount of discussion forums and online groups that pertain to AR-15’s.  Quite a few of these groups it seems to be a member you need to be “that guy.”

To me, this is unfortunate on many levels.  On a personal level, I don’t like participating in groups with people like that, even if I set aside my professional interests.  Professionally that so many of the discussion groups have a massive elitist attitude that they don’t seem willing to help out the new guys.  And finally, on a sociological level, “that guy” can give someone who is ignorant seeking information a bad taste for the sport. Largely as second amendment enthusiasts we are worried about the idea of our gun rights being stripped away.  One of the ways we can combat this is through education and helping new blood come into the sport/hobby. If we are “that guy,” we are going to chase people away and a lot of those impressionable individuals may turn against us and threaten our rights.  So when you interact in person and online, think of the bigger picture so you don’t become “that guy.”

Quote of the day: “Great way to fight a war - be prepared to defend yourself for winning.” ? Chris Kyle
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That Guy

A few years ago a buddy of mine wrote an article for a wakeboarding magazine titled “Don’t Be That Guy.”  If you are unfamiliar with wakeboarding, picture waterskiing standing sideways. The premise of the article was don’t be the guy that is too cool for school on the dock and hassling other riders because they don’t have the newest board, lifejacket, or the right pair of board shorts. 

The whole purpose of the sport is to have fun, and if you have a new or newer rider that can have a negative impact on them staying with the sport or not in the future.  While the article was full of satire, and largely made fun of the guys who are “that guy,” it was an article that left an impression on me, asking myself am I ever “that guy?”  

Quote of the day: “A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition.”-Rudyard Kipling
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