Part 1
I'd like to tell you guys a little about someone very dear to me. When I was young, my family would almost always spend the holidays with my grandmother. Her home was always filled with friends and family full of joy for the chance to be together. My grandmother loved to cook huge meals for all that were present and create a careful atmosphere that would be remembered throughout the following year. However, this year has been different. Due to Covid-19, my grandmother hasn't been able to host her yearly gatherings. Her previously joy filled home has been quiet and occupied by only only herself. Unfortunately, this story isn't unique to my grandmother.

My wife and I quickly realized how difficult this was for my grandmother. The time of year that she so greatly looked forward to is not at all what she had been anticipating. Having noticed the stark difference, my wife and I decided to combat this tragedy. Over the last few weeks we have made a point to call or facetime at least one a day and have made several meals for her and dropped them off on her porch. For my grandmother, what started as a pleasant surprise changed into an essential encounter that has completely changed her outlook on this holiday season…. To Be Continued?

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