Here in Utah President’s Day weekend is also the time that everyone from the universe comes here to go skiing.  It is days like today on the slopes that really make me grateful for online shopping.  There is nothing like waiting in lift lines for hours that make me grateful that I don’t have to follow my wife around holding her purse waiting in lines for hours to checkout as men did in the “olden days”.  Also navigating the slopes filled with uncoordinated tourists on their one ski vacation for the year makes me grateful I rarely have to navigate the mall’s parking lot filled with drivers euphoric on dopamine due to their recent purchases texting and posting their purchases on social media while behind the wheel. I can shop from the safety of my own couch and the only danger is my wife seeing what I am buying.

So to celebrate online shopping this President’s Day we are going to be doing several newsletters filled with explosive deals so good that George Washington wouldn’t want to lie to his wife with how much he spent on gun parts.  

Quote of the Day: "I cannot tell a lie." - Not really George Washington

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