Any lefties out there? 

If you are left-handed or left-eyed, sometimes it isn't easy to find parts to complete your AR. For a left-handed build, there are only a couple of unique parts that you need to find:

First off, you will need a left ejecting upper receiver so the shells aren't flying into your face. (Be aware that the ejection port door's hinge is on the top, so any engravings will be upside down.) Next, you will need a lefty extractor so the bolt kicks the casings out the correct side. Or, to make it easier on yourself, you can always get a side charging bolt carrier group and ambidextrous upper receiver. 

Other parts you can add to make it more lefty friendly are an ambidextrous mag release, safety selector, bolt release, and charging handle. You can go all out in customizing your lefty build or stick to the basics. No matter how you decide to build your AR, just remember to be proud to be a lefty.

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