As someone who prefers to wear a backpack than a purse any day of the week, having space for everything I need is important. Especially when it comes to having everything I need to patch myself up when I fall. We know that it is very important to our customers as well, which is why we are doing a sale on our VISM first responders utility bag! 

This bag has enough room for everything you can possibly need and then some. While intended to give first responders an ideal bag to hold all their gear needed in emergency situations, this also make an outstanding everyday carry bag, or mini bug out bag for everyday use. For the tactically minded, the Vism First Responders Utility Bag will work to keep vital quick access documents and gear close at hand for when you need it most. No matter if you are rushing to the scene to render aid or offer tactical assistance this bag will serve you well. Check it out with all of the other sales below and stay safe out there!

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