After a few deep breathes I began to calm down,
Outside I ventured to see what I shot down.
Across my lawn I trekked the snow crunched underfoot,
The deer did not move where it fell it stayed put.
My hand came to my forehead where it did smack,
My doctor I must call to get prescribed Prozac.

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Donovan Smith

Date 12/17/2019

Want some want some for Christmas

John fritts

Date 12/18/2019 3:44:00 PM

Merry Christmas. Pray for Virginia! Maybe a rough time ahead.

Sanjay Sastry

Date 12/17/2019 1:04:00 PM

Sure. Extra always helps. Thanks

Roberto Can el Jr

Date 12/17/2019


Darrell Sanders

Date 12/17/2019

Throwing my hat in the ring.

Roger Dimitt

Date 12/17/2019

Squidbillies ate Santa's Reindeer one time.

Robert Wagner

Date 12/17/2019

Never have enough magazines

Paul Merrill

Date 12/17/2019

Are they magazine's or are they clips? Bwahaha!

Shane sneed

Date 12/17/2019

Need a few mags

Chris Warmoth

Date 12/17/2019

Woo hoo

Robert Coski

Date 12/17/2019

Need mag for my new build....

Mark Marcum

Date 12/17/2019

This is total MAGNESS!

Mike St. John

Date 12/17/2019

Wow, thanks for all of the good deals over this past year!

Mr. Washington

Date 12/17/2019

Can Never have too many mags.

James Williams

Date 12/17/2019

can you have to many mags ?

Jose Cuellar

Date 12/17/2019

Could use some 350 legend mags

Mark Buck

Date 12/17/2019

All I want for Christmas is some pew -pew mags

David Vargas

Date 12/17/2019

Sounds great! I m in!

Michael Tan

Date 12/17/2019

How can I receive the free 3 AR 15 magazines if I don't have a Facebook or Instagram account?

david m painter

Date 12/17/2019

would love to have a few more for the new builds

Sammy Chapa

Date 12/17/2019

Merry Christmas to me! Ho Ho Ho!

Stuart Schmidt

Date 12/17/2019

Gonna need them!

Allen Campbell

Date 12/18/2019

This would be awesome for my one and only AR15! Merry Christmas to all!!

Joseph Doty

Date 12/18/2019

I could definitely use more for my new build Merry Christmas to me

John edwards

Date 12/19/2019

Building a custom 308 would like this to complete my fcg.

Guy Pearce

Date 12/19/2019

Always can use extra mags.

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