We asked our friend Steve to make a video about the differences between mil-spec and drop in triggers. Here he shows us his shot grouping at 110 yards with both triggers. You'll be able to see the difference and tell if the upgrade to a drop in trigger is worth it to you.

If you want something inexpensive and reliable mil-spec triggers are a great option. However, one of the most simple and least expensive ways to upgrade an AR is to install a drop in trigger. Imagine you’re attempting to outshoot your friends. With a three pound trigger pull, with about half of a standard pull weight, you’ll be happy with your choice. Your finger will use a fraction of what it usually would. Being able to easily move the trigger back will allow you to shoot consistently in the same place. Seeing the close group of holes in your target will give you confidence to hit your target at the range, on a hunt, or in a home defense situation.



Date 10/19/2020

I like the trip in triggers

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