Just arrived is another new brand we picked up from SHOT Show: FAB Defense.  Now we have carried FAB Defense products from time to time in the past but we were able to set up a direct relationship with them.  If you are not familiar with Fab Defense they are a company based in Israel and they make some super cool accessories like stocks, different styles of grips, and more.  

The crew here at DTT is super pumped to bring them on, for me personally I was probably the most excited.  At a previous job, the company I worked for was a distributor for a different line of FAB Defense products.  I was able to both use the products and work with some of the people within the company closely.  The people I worked with were awesome, but even more, learning from those guys about firearms training and WHY they make the products they make to translate to firearms training was mind-blowing at the time for me.  FAB Defense just isn’t a company that makes products that are cool looking and functional they are a company that makes the products they want to use to improve their firearms skills.  So check out the products in the category and more will continue to be added as we continue to develop our relationship with them.?

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