To a shooter, nickel boron is the equivalent of gold to rap artists.  It is the metal of choice and the status symbol of bling. Like gold, nickel boron has some other advantages other than just looking cool in your gun. Nickel boron is far more restraint to wear and tear than other finishes. So, whether it is a BCG or a barrel extension, the friction caused by parts moving across one another will wear much better on nickel boron products.  

For you, hockey players (or figure skaters, no judgment from here #toepick) having nickel boron products in your gun is the equivalent of hitting the ice right after the Zamboni has just resurfaced the ice.  We all know ice is smoother than other surfaces but, after the Z does its job, it is smooth as silk. So this brings us to our ELD Performance Alpha Series Barrels. These are barrels that we have been having made for us that have nickel boron barrel extensions. We just got in a 6.5 Creedmoor who is joining the ELD Alpha Series, and Gallardo has one of these barrels (shameless product plug).

We will continue our discussion of nickel boron advantages in a future post.

Quote of the day: “Incoming fire has the right of way.”-Unknown

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