To often people think that just cause an obstacle pops up in their path that they should just abandon it without a thought. They just try something once and then think that since they are not magically good at it, that it means that they simply weren't meant to do it. 

I have seen people do this with shooting. We take them out for their first time, then since they managed to miss every target in their path, they don't want to go again. I get it, you don't want to fail. However, if you don't fail, you don't learn. So why not grab a new upper from Delta so that you have a new start with a new upper that you can use to train yourself how to shoot better.  That way, next time you go shooting with your friends, it is them who can't shoot accurately. 

Quote of the day: "We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction." -General Douglas MacArthur

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