Today is one of my favorite holidays since I was in high school. It is PI day! When I was in school, it was one of the biggest holidays around school because, even though we had to suffer through a day of high school, my math teacher made it special for everyone because he would open his classroom at lunch and have many different pies for all the students to come eat. He even told puns. 

While I may not be in school anymore, it is still one of my favorite memories when I look back. Why not make some memories of your own by making a pie, letting it get hard over night, then taking it out the next day to shoot it with your brand new upper from Delta? It will definitely make a new memory for you and your friends and it is a delicious tradition to start. 

Quote of the Day: "The roundest knight at King Arthur’s table was Sir Cumference. He ate too much pi." -Unknown

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