My co-worker was just telling me all about the greatness that is ordering things online. Normally, I just go to the shop for whatever I need because that is the way I grew up and I live close to all my favorite shops, but he was pointing out all the luxuries of just clicking a button and then coming home to find it on your doorstep.

Another big perk about shopping online is that you can see the grand total while you are shopping instead of at the end where you are like, 'wow.. that is a large total'. That is why we here at Delta Team Tactical love to make our website easy for customer use because it is important to us that you guys have an easy time finding everything you want for your AR so that online shopping stays hassle free. So make sure to check out all the special deals we have for you today and the many more that we have on our website and shop hassle free!

Quote of the day: "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength." -Corrie Ten Boom


thomas acton

Date 2/17/2020

why is it you never show the state sales tax you recently began collecting until the confirmation email ? why is there no mention of it on your multiple check out pages? why are you so disingenuous? for that reason alone.... you have seen my last order.

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