My husband and his father have a friendly rivalry going on about a certain weapon that they both have a version of. Whereas my husbands is all black and very sleek looking, his dads is very flashy and stands out. My husband always says that his is the accurate one and his dads is the pretty one. 

I still remember the day that we were out shooting as a family and his dad put him in his place by hitting the center of the target with every shot while my husband only got roughy 2/3 in the center. He was so determined to fix it so that he was right that he went out and shot so often that he would come home and reload 100 rounds or so just to take it out that weekend. He ended up beating his dad, and it was all through training. Grab an upper below from us here at Delta Team Tactical and prove your haters wrong just like my husband did, and remember to stay safe out there!

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