As Easter comes around the corner, I have found myself thinking of all of the things that normally come in a basket. Last year, I was introduced to a game that my in-law family plays that I have dubbed 'Basket hiding: Extreme edition'. What does that mean? It means that I have seen a cousin-in-law open the actual ceiling of the house because his wife hid his basket up there. 

Extreme basket hiding wouldn't really work in my family because we don't do the traditional basket of candy and nasty fluffed up chicks. We do things that we know the other person will use. For instance, I had a pack of bullets that I put in my husband's basket last year. So while Easter is only 3 days away, there is always time to grab your favorite AR accessories or upper build kits from us here at Delta Team Tactical and have a post Easter celebration by putting it together. 

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