I went to the mall this weekend with my family for a bit of light shopping and I noticed that there were a lot more people than I had ever seen in the mall at one time before. Then it clicked that it was the last weekend before Christmas and people were running around trying to find those last perfect gifts since they have to work this week.

As many of my friends can be witness to, I am very much a procrastinator. I don't know about you guys, but most of the time I tend to wait until the last moment to do something whether it is a school paper or wrapping gifts. So, if you are also a procrastinator and don't have all the gifts, check out our amazing deals below that your friends and family will love and, if they don't, then are more likely to give back to you anyway, so it is a win-win! 

We are announcing the winners of our Holiday Giveaways tomorrow morning, Dec 24, 2019, so don't forget to enter to win one of our amazing prizes!

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I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to our HOLIDAY SALE category on the website.  Right now we have already slashed prices on products in that category and more will be added every day. So keep an eye both on the newsletters and on that category for more great deals to come.

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