There was a huge procrastinator in my High School who would always wait until the absolute last minute to turn in work. He would wait until the teacher had no more extensions to give him, then turned in every piece that was late all at once. Well, today is the very last day for our new website coupon codes. No more extensions, this is the final cut off date so be like that kid and make the most of it while you can and grab some items that maybe you were just watching while this sale lasts. 

While you guys are getting familiar with our new site, we have some coupons for you to use on your total order! If your order is up to $300, then we have newsite5 for 5% off your total order! If a lot of things catch your eye and you order over $300, then we have newsite7 for 7% off your total order! Either way, you win! Make sure to make the most of it as today is the final and last day for you to make use of these coupons.

Quote of the Day: "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased." -Katharine Hepburn


Mike Justice

Date 12/18/2019

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