Something that has constantly been said in my family is that everyday is a battle. However, as long as you have a ray of sunshine that you find in your day, the battle gets easier and easier the more that you find. It can be easy to find them some days, and harder some other days, however one ray of sunshine that never seems to disappear is how much you can save with the deals from Delta Team Tactical. 

With all of the money that you save from our deals on AR accessories and upper build kits, not only can you expand your collection but you also have even more money to go out and do other things you love as well. Shooting with friends and family, buying more reloading  items, and even teaching young people how to shoot for the first time. Check out the deals below that we have picked out for you, and spread some rays of sunshine.

Quote of the Day: "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." -Alexander Graham Bell

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